Kirsten Canniford -
Owner/ Principal Teacher 
A.A.T.O.D Associate Member and teacher of ATOD, Cert IV in Dance
Teaching & Business Management, Intermediate Classical Ballet ATOD, Elementary Jazz, Blue Card, First Aid Certificate

Kirsten was born and grew up in the town of Kingaroy. Kirsten started dancing lessons in Kingaroy at the age of threeyears. At eight years old Kirsten was ‘tiny tot leader’ of her dance school, and eversince that day had her eyes set on becoming a dance teacher. As well as competing in many eisteddfod competitions, in 2007, Kirsten was selected and competed in Sydney for her school at the ‘dance Fever’ interstate competition.
Kirsten studied the FATD (Federal Australian Teachers of Dancing) syllabus and competed in exams for Ballet and Jazz, walking away with top marks. In 2012, Kirsten began studying the ATOD syllabus (Australian teachers of dancing) and also sat many exams under this syllabus for
Jazz, Ballet and Tap. Kirsten has completed her Cert IV in Dance Teaching and Business Management certificate. In 2015 Kirsten created and became the owner of Kingaroy Dance Academy. In 2017 Kirsten choreographed routines and took a group of students over to the USA to perform at Disneyland, Universal Studios & on the Hollywood Boulevard. Kirsten also
performed in the Disneyland Merry Holiday street parade with her students.
Kirsten continues to be very passionate about teaching children the wonderful world of dance.
“Miss Kirsten puts her heart, sole, and energy into this wonderful group of young dancers. She supports, encourages and inspires these young dancers to follow their passion and love of dance. She has created and nurtured not just a wonderful dance school but established a community group where lasting friendships have and will continue to be made.” 
“Miss Kirsten's tireless devotion to her students, she puts her heart and soul into every thing she does , from classes to Eisteddfod, to concerts. She even organizes fun nights for her students to get together!” – 
Student Teachers
Hugh Dunstan -Wyvill

Noleta Grundy

KDA General Assitant
Ann Canniford